Metal Tray in leather look BLACK

1 Metallic tray
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  • YOUR ADVANTAGE: Designer tray with magnetic silwy function
  • MATERIAL: Exclusive leather look "BLACK" with fine stitching
  • 100% QUALITY: Handmade, clear design & great feel
  • CLEVER: Integrated thin metal layer without negative impact on weight
  • PRACTICAL: Non-slip serving of magnetic glasses, cups & plates
  • UNBELIEVABLE: Functionality meets exclusive style
  • SMART: Special anti-slip surface provides extra grip
  • START-UP: Support our young team & become a silwy fan
2IN1 Magnetic Drink Holder and Bread Basket

2IN1 Magnetic Drink Holder and Bread Basket

Metal Tray + 2IN1 Bottleholder & Bread Basket

Metal Tray + 2IN1 Bottleholder & Bread Basket


Community-BUNDLE "XXL"

Metal-Nano-Gel-Mat WHITE for Magnetic Glasses

Metal-Nano-Gel-Mat WHITE for Magnetic Glasses

Height: 40mm | Width: 315mm | Depth: 415mm

shipping: 8 days

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  • YOUR ADVANTAGE: Designer tray with magnetic silwy function
  • MATERIAL: Exclusive leather look "BLACK" with fine stitching
  • 100% QUALITY: Handmade, clear design & great feel
  • CLEVER: Integrated thin metal layer without negative impact on weight
  • PRACTICAL: Non-slip serving of magnetic glasses, cups & plates
  • UNBELIEVABLE: Functionality meets exclusive style
  • SMART: Special anti-slip surface provides extra grip
  • START-UP: Support our young team & become a silwy fan
Height: 40mm | Width: 315mm | Depth: 415mm
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14 Oct 2019

Leicht anpassbare Matte, Kaufempfehlung!

Tolles Produkt, die Metall-Matte ist mit einer Schere perfekt zuschneidbar. Habe diese auf mein Regal angepasst, seit dem stehen die Gläser standsicher auch bei holpriger Fahrt. Dank der Gelschicht ist die Matte auch wieder rückstandslos entfernbar, kann ich nur empfehlen!

4 May 2021


Alles super gerne mal wieder

19 Aug 2021

Sehr gut, schnelle Lieferung

11 Sep 2021

ein Tablett geht auch anders

irrsinnig praktisch, die Produkte machen einfach nur Freude !

Admin 5 Oct 2021

Lieber Michael,

es freut uns total, dass du so zufrieden mit uns bist! Vielen Dank für die super Bewertung. :-)

6 Dec 2021

Prima! Habt ihr auch Küchen- und Toilettenrollenhalter oder Toilettenbürstenhalter für Camping in Planung?

Admin 7 Dec 2021

Liebe Claudia,

vielen Dank für das Feedback! Gegenwärtig ist nichts in die Richtung in Planung, aber wir nehmen Deinen Wunsch natürlich gerne mit in unsere Ideenliste auf. Viel Freude weiterhin mit silwy. :-) 

15 Dec 2021

Sehr gute Produkte, aber etwas mehr Farb-Varianten wären wünschenswert

Wir haben für unser Womo schon einige Produkte gekauft und sind damit sehr zufrieden, auch mit dem Service.
Unser Wunsch, und bestimmt auch von anderen, wäre etwas mehr Farb-Varianten bei den Klebepads.
Klar kann man nicht alle Farben anbieten, aber einige dezente verschiedene Farben wären supper, das würde dann besser zu den verschiedenen Untergründen passen, auf die man es aufklebt.
Danke und weiter so.

18 Aug 2022

Top Produkt

Wie alles andere was wir bisher von euch für unsere Wohnmobil gekauft haben, überzeugt auch hier wieder das Profukt für sich! Wir nicht unsre letzte Errungenschaft bleiben!

9 Oct 2022

Wir sind total vom Produkt überzeugt und nutzen jetzt nach und nach immer mehr Artikel. Das Beste gegen klappern im Fahrzeug


Product information

Find a suitable serving tray - for the kitchen, garden & RV!

With a good serving tray, you make your life easier - and not only when serving. For example, you can also use a nice design tray decoratively in your living room as a shelf. And our magnetic serving tray even offers you a clever extra: your glasses will never slip or tip on the serving tray again. This is extremely practical, especially for your camper, but also for a cozy barbecue on the balcony or in the garden. We'll show you how the magnetic silwy principle works and give you a few small inspirations for a relaxed everyday life.

Which serving tray should it be?

It's best to get a brief overview of the numerous serving trays available on the market. Whether you are looking for a serving tray in large or a serving tray in small - there are multiple shapes, colors, and of course, materials available. The classic is undoubtedly the serving tray made of wood. It is robust, easy to clean, and usually also looks good depending on the processing. Slight disadvantage: You have to maintain it regularly.
Especially if now and then a few drops are spilled on it, or you wipe it with water, the wood suffers over time. Then it would help if you oiled it again. This is done quickly, but you should know beforehand that this issue will accompany you with serving trays made of wood. The situation is somewhat different with a serving tray made of plastic or stainless steel. Here, the maintenance effort is zero. You only have to wipe these trays with a damp cloth from time to time, and then they are ready for use again.

The right serving tray for every area of use

With these popular serving trays, especially the stainless steel models, you are well equipped for both the kitchen and the catering industry. On a serving tray with handles, you can carry food comfortably over long distances, for example, from the kitchen to your barbecue in the garden. On a serving tray made of solid wood, you can also present the food stylishly, so to speak, as a small snack plate for your guests.
Of course, a large serving tray is advantageous not to have to walk too often. But many smaller trays are also handy, for example, if you can arrange them nicely on a long table so that everyone has a few treats right in front of them. This way, you can serve and clear the table in just a few steps - practical, isn't it?

That little extra with the silwy serving tray

But it gets even more practical. How about a serving tray on which your glasses, cups, plates, and bowls no longer slip? Especially in the RV or on the boat, this is often a huge problem. Because a glass that falls may also tip over and, in the worst case, even break. So you no longer have to worry about this; we have created our silwy serving tray non-slip. We promise you that with the silwy tray and matching silwy glasses, your drinks won't fall over anymore, even on a winding RV ride. How does that work, you ask? We'll be happy to explain it to you:

The attractive silwy system for your motorhome

The silwy system, which is behind our serving tray and all other silwy products, is based on a simple principle: A magnet integrated into the glass finds its counter pole in the silwy serving tray in the form of a likewise integrated metal layer. The magnet and the metal counterpole of the tray are perfectly matched to each other. So you don't have to worry about having to use a lot of force to remove the glass from the tray.
When you remove the glass from the serving tray, there is no jerking, and nothing is spilled. It's easy so that you won't notice the difference from "normal" glasses. Even with the serving tray, there is no noticeable difference from a "normal" tray. The integrated metal layer is so thin that the tray is in no way heavier. While other serving trays have glasses, cups, etc., wobble around, you transport everything safely. Perfect!

Designer tray with function

Of course, beyond this clever functionality, we also put a lot of emphasis on an appealing tray design. Our silwy tray in leather look is sure to be the eye-catcher in your home or mobile home. Because the leather tray convinces not only the high-quality leather look and the unmistakable design and the great feel, pay attention to how your guests react to the tray. We are sure that they will want to touch it to feel the noble material of the tray.
So if you're going to buy a serving tray anyway, why not get a beautiful one? With function! And we have by no means told you all the uses of the tray. Glasses can be transported and served on it without wobbling, but cups, plates, and bowls with integrated magnets find their place on the spacious serving tray. And even bottles can be served elegantly with the matching bottle holder with an integrated magnet. With silwy, you can equip yourself with stylish kitchen utensils and clever storage solutions. This way, you can organize your entire vacation with the motorhome without rattles and stress.

The magnetic serving tray is just the beginning.

We are happy to give you a few inspirations for a rattle-free camper, safe from glass breakage and suitable for everyday use. We have made it our business to create solutions for numerous problems present in the caravan with our silwy products. In most cases, this involves a secure stand, but space-saving stowage is also a recurring topic.

Drinks, Bottles & Tableware

Water, beer, wine, long drinks, and other beverages you can now enjoy in style from the right glasses. You can choose between high-quality plastic and crystal glass. Our tip: Your bottles are also non-slip, thanks to our magnetic bottle holder. And even with hot drinks like coffee or tea, you no longer have to do without the right mug - and these are even stackable. So you save a lot of space in your cupboards. You can attach all glasses and cups and the bottle holder directly to the table - with nano-gel placemats as a metallic counterpole to the magnet in the glasses and cups - or on the silwy tray with an integrated metal layer. If you don't use them anymore, they go into the cupboard - stored vibration-proof on the nano-gel mat. 

With our design plates and bowls in matching, polygonal optics, your food will no longer slip. A magnet is also integrated into their base, which works optimally with a metallic counterpole: either directly at the table with a Nano-Gel placemat or when serving on the tray or well stowed away in the cupboard on a Nano-Gel mat. The great thing about the plates and bowls is their one fits all principle. You can use them to serve spaghetti, soup, salad, cereal, and whatever your heart desires. Because honestly: A different plate for every meal - that doesn't work in the camper. Nevertheless, it should, of course, look chic, and we think it does.

Clever organization

There are always other things to keep handy in a motorhome. With the silwy hooks and pins, for example, you can perfectly tidy up kitchen towels, jackets, bags, pictures, or even cooking utensils. We have developed extra delicatessen magnetic jars for spices, which wait on the matching bar for their use in cooking. This way, you kill two birds with one stone. You finally have an order with the spices, and in addition, a drawer in your camper becomes available again.

By the way, the silwy principle also works at home.

Of course, you can also use our serving trays at home. And that's not all. All other silwy products offer you an advantage in your mobile home and within your own four walls. Take the clever side tables, for example, which prevent glasses from falling over in your living room. This can be very practical, especially with pets, but it also prevents annoying wine stains on the couch and carpet without animal roommates. Just browse a bit through our silwy assortment and get inspired.
Our tip: We also have many advantage boxes for you on offer that are perfectly tailored to your application - for example, starter boxes for boating or camping. With our silwy Instagram channel, we would like to show you how our numerous customers use silwy products. We look forward to seeing you!